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'Thinking Back, Thinking Ahead'


The owner of Saul Hay Fine Art Gallery, Manchester, UK declared that, while gazing at "Thinking Back, Thinking Ahead" (below) and "Composition in Blue" (see the page 'Recent Paintings'), a visitor told him that the two artworks,


"simply made him feel very happy". 

Whilst there are often moments of joy in the creation of an artwork, there is also struggle. It is in the hope of this kind of response from a viewer, for this kind of moment of connection and uplift that I keep on painting!

1 Context IMG_7540.jpg

image created with in situ art room 

'Thinking Back, Thinking Ahead'

Mixed media on board


800mm x 800mm x 50mm   #3063


This painting is currently not framed but is 55mm deep and works well without a frame.

However, if you would like advice or ideas for framing I can discuss options with you. 

If you are interested in buying or knowing more about this painting please contact me by clicking  

​or contact            

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